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Dic2Doc FAQ

Q. How are the Toll Free Minutes actually billed?
A. Here are some aspects which will help you to understand how toll free minutes get billed:
1. The number of toll free call minutes consumed by your dictators will always be more than the sum total of the duration of minutes from the resultant audio files. The telephone call duration starts as soon as the call comes in where as the dictation recording starts after the dictator logs in by punching the access code. Once logged in, the dictator has to punch in a couple of commands to actually start recording. Even while recording, the dictator can pause, rewind, play over etc. which consumes time while the call is obviously on and active, but nothing gets added to the actual recoding of the audio file.
2. Sometimes if the recording is not ok your dictators may even delete the dictation or may dictate and just save it rather than send it, but whatever call duration is used up in all these actions of the dictators would accrue to your account. So every single day the scenario would always be like this.
3. There are many cases where dictators pause in between a dictation, attend to some other call or work and then continue again. This adds to the minutes used on the line without adding much to the recorded audio. Not only that, there are many instances of dictators asking their managers / receptionists to call the Toll Free Number and then login in to their access code, but before they get to dictate are distracted by some other work and absolutely forget the fact that the call is still active. Typically they are blissfully unaware that you are being charged for every minute that the call stays on. So, although you end up being charged you do not get any dictation from such a call.
4. So in simple words, our billing sums up the toll free call durations and not just the amount of recorded minutes which is what you will end up receiving. So as an example one of your dictators can call in and dictate one file. The total call duration is the time starting from the moment the call is connected right up to call disconnection. If this call duration is say e.g. 6min 18 sec then your total call duration is rounded to 7 minutes. On the other hand you will end up receiving an audio file which can be of any size depending on what the doctor did during the dictation recording process but typically it would be in the range of 3 to 5 minutes.
5. Given below is a typical example of how and why there comes out to be a difference in minute consumption pattern vis-a-vis audio minutes that you as a client receive.
Suppose, one of your dictators calls with an Access code 79999 and our dictation server log gives us the following information about the call:
17:04:12 Answered call 1xxx555666
17:04:23 79999 Logged on
17:04:29 79999 pressed key [1]
17:04:29 79999 Created new dictation (70000096)
17:04:36 79999 pressed key [9]
17:05:08 79999 pressed key [1]
17:20:58 79999 Call timed-out while recording
17:20:59 Call has disconnected
17:20:59 79999 Disconnected It is clear from the hypothetical logs above that the dictator called in, logging into the server using the access code and then initiated the recording process but subsequent to that simply did not start dictating. The caller did not even hang up on the call. The silent call continued on and on. Fortunately, we have an automated system built into the dictation server which senses a lengthy silence and times out all such calls to minimize your loss. Clearly, as you can see the above call adds more than 16 minutes of usage to your account, without any useful audio recording contribution to your dictations received.
The dic2doc dictation system has this extremely useful silence cut off mechanism in order to save all our clients the extra costs associated with such calls that are put on hold by their dictators. The software module on our dictation server is designed in such a way that such blank calls get disconnected when continuous silence is detected for 15 minutes. Such cases lead to a huge difference between the actual audio recording length and the length of the toll free call. The relevant line in the log above is highlighted bold for your immediate reference.
6. Our dictation servers and systems are fully tested before they are deployed for commercial use. The logging of minutes and their conversion to reports is a completely automated and integrated process right through and is bereft of any manual intervention due to which there can not be any errors in the usage reports that we generate and send to you on a daily basis.
7. Dic2Doc is the most ethical company in this industry and perhaps the only one who provides these daily logs for minutes consumed in the most transparent of ways. Our objective is to earn by servicing your requirements so that you are satisfied and keep growing more and more by using our infrastructure. Therein lies our growth because at low volume and access code usage levels we hardly make any profits. That is the reason why we always aspire to make all our clients happy so that they then gradually scale up to higher plan slabs and consume more minutes on a monthly basis.
Q. How do you name the dictated audio file recorded on the Toll Free Dictation Recording (TFDR) system?

A. Each file is named and available to you in the format "dic2doc 02072010 71910 002 70001446.wav", where 02072010 is the date Feb 7, 2010, 71910 is the Dictator's access code, 002 is our internal server code, and 70001446 is the unique serial number for this file.
Q. How do you name the file uploaded using the Secure File Uploading (SFU) system?
A. Each file is named and available to you in the format "dic2doc 02072010 71910 000 32 my_file_name.DSS", where 02072010 is the date Feb 7, 2010, 71910 is the Dictator's access code, 000 is our internal server code, 32 is the system generated unique serial number for this file, and my_file_name is the original filename with DSS extension which the dictator uploaded.
Q. Is it possible to have details such as the Medical Record# and the Dictation Type Code on the audio file name itself? Can you provide alphabet codes like S and N on the audio file name (S-STAT, N- Normal) to indicate the job priority?
A. If you want to avail all the above features you would need to request us to set up a custom server for you where in the entire set up and configuration would be as per your requirement.
Q. Do you charge anything for the FTP Space you provide? How much FTP space do you provide for each client/dictator?
A. The cost for the FTP space we provide is included in the plan charges that we levy. There is no extra charge for that. The FTP space provided to you is not limited and always enough to conduct your operations.
Q. If I Sign Up, how soon can my client start recording dictations on your Toll Free Dictation Recording system?
A. Immediately after you sign up you will get the emails (within 5 to 10 minutes) giving you instructions on how to use our dictation system. You just need to pass on the instructions to your dictators and ask them to start dictating on our system.
Q. My client (dictator) wants to know if it is possible for him to review his dictated audio files after the dictation is transferred to the FTP site.
A. Once we send the dictation to your FTP account, it is an issue entirely between you and your client. So you can decide whether or not you want them to be able to access the files from there. Technically though, your clients can certainly download files from the FTP and do what ever they want to. For that you simply need to provide them the FTP Username & Password details we have given you and ask them to login in and pick up their files. Alternatively, you can send those audio files to them on a different FTP or by email. Reason - if you have multiple clients you may not want one client having access to other client's files over and above his files.
Q. Can I delete WAV files from my FTP folder once they have been downloaded?
A. For safety reasons, you can not delete WAV files. They continue to stay on the FTP and newer files get added to it as they are dictated.
Q. If I can't delete the files from FTP, how long do they stay there?
A. The files get automatically deleted after they are 10 days old.
Q. Do you have any way I can be notified by email whenever a new WAV file is added to my FTP folder?
A. No and Yes. No because the system does not notify by email about individual files. However, you need to monitor your FTP folder for the same. Yes, because the system shoots an email once every 24 hours giving you details about all the files dictated by all your dictators.