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Dic2Doc Pricing

Please click on a service for its pricing

The best thing about Dic2Doc services is that each service is typically independent of the other. Each service has a related unit of usage, such as minutes of call durations for Toll Free Dictation Recording service (TFDR), Included number of Dictators for Secure File Uploading service (SFU), Included number of Dictators for Secure Online Document Delivery (SODD), and Included number of Signups for Online Signup Wizard (OSW).

Each Dic2Doc service can be used in the form of a plan. Depending on your expected monthly usage, you can change your plan.

Please note that all plans are Pre-Paid and will get charged at the start of every new billing cycle, unless you register for "Deactivation" before the end of your current billing cycle.

Add / Change / Deactivate / Activate a plan

It is very important for you to note that for any Dic2Doc service, to manage your plans, you can login to our portal and go to Services > Manage Plans > Edit Plan (for any service). For a fresh subscription to a service, you can click "Add a plan and start using this service". To change an existing plan, click "Change to another plan". To cancel a service plan, click the button "Deactivate to stop using this service after current cycle". Please note that you need to do this well in advance to avoid any unexpected renewals or auto-payments. You need to Deactivate each service plan separately to stop using that service. With Deactivated plan(s), you will still be able to login to our portal, and if required Reactivate any service plan at a later date. It is again very important to note that when you Reactivate, all applicable plan and usage charges accrued during the Deactivated phase will have to be paid for.

Cancel Dic2Doc Account

You may cancel your Dic2Doc account along with all individual service plans at any time by notifying us 30 days in advance, by sending an email request to info@dic2doc.com with your account username and password. Please mark a copy of this cancellation request message to support@dic2doc.com. The remaining balance you have will be forfeited at the time of account cancellation. It is very important to note that after cancellation, you will not be able to login to our portal. If you decide to subscribe to any of our services again at a later date, you will not get back your previous access codes and configuration.