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Dic2Doc Link Exchange

Exchanging links with sites of related interests helps bring more visitors to both sites :

If you would like to exchange reciprocal links with www.dic2doc.com, please follow the following steps:

1. Add the HTML code below to a page of your site that is clearly and statically accessible from your home page:

<a href="http://www.dic2doc.com" target="_blank"><strong>Dictation Recording Service</strong></a><br> We provide the most popular, easy to use and technically advanced dictation and transcription service platform. Our infrastructure serves as the backbone of the entire  transcription service industry. We invest in and maintain everything on your behalf, so  you can simply focus on what you do best i.e. transcribe reports. So, whether you are a one person show, a mom and pop enterprise or a transcription service company, sign up for a free trial. <a href="http://www.dic2doc.com"> http://www.dic2doc.com</a>

2. Email our webmaster with the following information:

We will then check your site to verify that the link to our site is present on it and that your site and its content are suitable (see note below). We will then add your link to our site and let you know when we have done it (usually within 24 Hrs.).

Please note that we will NOT consider:

Also, due to the increasing number of incomplete or invalid link exchange requests we receive, we will silently discard any request that does not comply with the conditions outlined on this page.