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Online Signup Wizard (OSW) Plans

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Online Signup Wizard (OSW) Plans:

Plans Included Signups Validity Plan Price (US$)
OSW - Free Trial 1 15 Days 0
OSW - Pay As You Go 1 365 Days 299.99
OSW - Starter 2 180 Days 149.99
OSW - Pro 3 90 Days 99.99
OSW - Enterprise Unlimited 30 Days 49.99

If you end up having a "Sign Up" which, after proper verification proves to be a junk and useless "Sign Up", that particular usage will not be deducted from your available "Sign Up" count.

Please note that the plan charge is a one time payment for the automatic sign up feature. Once your customer signs up then, you only have to pay for the per-dictator monthly access code charge which is typically $1 per code or less depending on the plan that you have subscribed at that point of time.

Please note that all plans are Pre-Paid and will get charged at the start of every new billing cycle, either when included allowed usage gets over or validity gets over.

At any time, you can upgrade to a higher plan. For immediate effect, you can upgrade by paying the difference in plan prices, or you may opt to change plan at the start of new billing cycle.

At any time, you can downgrade to a lower plan, with effect from the start of new billing cycle.