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Online Signup Wizard (OSW) Services

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Online Signup Wizard (OSW)

If you are a transcription service provider, chances are you have a website which attempts to promote your business. You must also be aware that your website attracts many visitors and also aware of the painful fact that somehow the conversion rate is negligible. There is hardly any success you get from your most important marketing tool - your website. The reason - a typical prospective client who visits your website and finds all the information you have provided on your website acceptable, intends to sign up and start using your service right away, but has no way to do it. In fact that's the reason why they are searching the internet. Not only that, chances are they are accessing your website after your office hours. Since this takes you and your staff out of the equation, such a situation increases the expectation of your visitors from the quality and functionality of your website.

Is the website interactive enough? Does it provide pricing information based on which I can make up my mind? Does it offer a free trial? Does it have an online sign up facility? Can I start dictating (or uploading audio files) immediately after I sign up? Does the website offer a payment option of my choice?

If your website cannot answer even one of the above questions in the affirmative, the visitor will probably never visit your website again. This is, quite precisely, where you loose out on a lot of business. So, after studying the traits of prospective clients and having researched this issue over a number of years we have designed a cutting edge signup module which you can host on your website. And what exactly will this signup module achieve for you?

Well, first of all it is going to be available 24x7, 365 days a year on your website. After the visitor goes through the details of your transcription service and is positively considering the idea of utilizing your service, this signup module will play a stellar role at enabling the customer to go ahead and do so. The visitor will be able to click on it and quickly run through the process of signing up for your service and start using it immediately after sign up.

The signup module can also be used by your telecallers as well as your sales staff who can use this handy tool when meeting decision makers at clinics and hospitals to walk away with confirmed orders rather than leaving it for later. The possibilities are enormous and if used properly, this has the potential to catapult your business onto a bigger league. So, the signup module will always ensure that you end up converting a prospective client into a paying customer. Such a crucial little tool to enhance and grow your transcription service business and how much does it cost? Check our pricing plans.

Run a simple customizable client signup application on your website so that your potential customers can submit their details to get enrolled and start using your transcription services